About Web En Direct

Web En Direct is an innovative service that was founded in 2016 with the goal of broadcasting live streams of your special event to an unlimited worldwide audience of family, friends and colleagues, thus allowing you to share you special moment, yet in a simple, affordable and fun way!

Our expert team combines many years of broadcast and videography experience with the latest professional streaming technology to ensure reliable and high-quality broadcasting from just about any place in Lebanon.

Our team, in many ways, operates as a miniaturized television newsroom team. Every event we stream has a director, camera operators, as well as a dedicated online tech-support representative.

Our equipment is nothing but the latest in visual and communication technology. Our streaming packs are wireless and battery powered, allowing streaming from locations that would otherwise be inaccessible, thus allowing us, for example, to go live in full HD quality from inside an old church, an outdoors setting on the beach, or even from a moving vehicle!

Our services are tailor made into four packages that you can check by visiting our Packages page

Our live streaming covers any occasion or special event, including weddings, celebrations, concerts, conferences, sports and others.

At Web En Direct, we offer you a complete solution, without compromises, and we pledge to go above and beyond in providing a high quality product and superior service when it comes to offering you and your online audience with the best viewing experience ever.

Web En Direct: Going Live in 3...2...1 !

Web En Direct

Web En Direct was founded in 2016 with the goal of making event live-streaming simple, affordable and fun!

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